American Youth Soccer Organization Region 53

Referee FAQ

Q. How do I become an AYSO Referee?

A. You must first complete an AYSO volunteer application form on e-AYSO and be approved as an AYSO volunteer by Region 53. Once you are approved as a volunteer, the training to become an AYSO referee is provided to you free of charge. Note: All volunteers must register annually, even if they no longer have kids in AYSO.

Q. Is prior soccer experience required to officiate?

A. No, but some familiarity with soccer is certainly a plus. Coaches, parents, players and other volunteers have all proved to be excellent referees even if they have not played this sport. (Youth referees are welcome!)

Q. How are referees assigned to games?

A. Once you are a certified AYSO referee, you will be assigned games based on your availability and according to the needs of the region. AYSO referees are volunteers and do not get paid.

Q. Where do I get referee gear and equipment?

A. For official shirts, shorts, socks, patches, flags and other equipment, contact Referee Administrator at

Q. I’m already a Regional Referee, when should I try to become an Intermediate Referee?

A. Referees are welcome to upgrade at anytime.  You should have an Intermediate certification to ref U14 and above games.  However, we encourage all of our refs to strive for the highest certification possible regardless of which division you primarily referee.  To find out more about upgrading your certification, contact Referee Administrator at

Still have a question? Contact the Joel Andersen at